MTI has employed a new CEO. Tormod Moldestad started as CEO  March 1st, 2018. He started as a business developer in the company 2 years ago and is very familiar with the operation of the company.

Tormod has a master’s degree in finance from HSN and BI. He worked in the oil industry for 12 years as a founder and consultant for big companies. Tormod might be best known as a professional handball player. He was a versatile player, but especially strong in defence and fast breaks. His experience from team sports is very useful when you are to be the general manager of a company.


As the CEO of MTI my goal is to lead employees to deliver qualified results every day.


We talked to Tormod to hear what thoughts he had about his new position as CEO of MTI. He tells us that the previous managers have built a good foundation for further development of the company. Silicia, which is one of MTIs subsidiaries, has become  the leading incubator of entrepreneurship and innovation in our region. The start-up company Sensocure, where MTI has contributed with capital and expertise, is a success. Tormod says it is important that we get more such stories. We need to get more funding in companies we see can succeed, so that they get a good chance of realizing business ideas that create added value.


Further development

Tormod wants to further develop MTI as a competence company. MTIs strength is business development, financing solutions and the capital market. The company is going to develop further to become an effective investment company. He wants to strengthen the relations to HSN and other founder environments in Vestfold, – and Norway. It is important to develop Silicia to take the lead in entrepreneurship and innovation, that Vestfold needs.


 The leadership role

Tormod says he wants a flat structure in MTI. He will delegate concrete responsibilities to the employees, each taking independent decisions to find good solutions on behalf of the company.


It is important with continuous progress and development to enable us, as a company, to deliver on our social responsibility.

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