MTI is one of 28 technology environments in Norway which has been given management responsibility for pre-seed capital from Innovation Norway.


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Pre-seed capital goes through intermediaries who chooses which start-up businesses to invest in. It is a prerequisite that the pre-seed amount is matched with minimum 50% from private independent investors.

Pre-seed capital is administered by TTOs (Technology Transfer Office), incubators and business angel networks. These environments invest capital in innovative start-up businesses which are less than 5 years. The prerequisite is that the businesses them selves raise the same amount from other investors. The scheme is to trigger private capital.


Who can receive pre-seed investments

  • Norwegian registered, innovative start-up businesses with a substantial potential for growth.
  • Businesses younger than 5 years calculated from the date of registration in “Enhetsregister”.
  • Small or medium sized businesses which is not listed on the stock exchange.


The pre-seed investment must be matched with minimum 50% from private independent investors.

Start-up businesses which wants to clarify if they can receive pre-seed investments must take direct contact with MTI.

You can also reed more about our company MTI Start Up, which invests in early stage technology businesses.


Contact information
Tormod Moldestad
+47 971 87 835

Translated article from Innovation Norway.

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