Microtech Innovation AS (MTI) has high expertise in bringing companies with innovative technology to the market.


“MTI shall be a preferred partner for
innovative technology companies for commercialization
of new business opportunities”


MTI has an ecosystem that takes care of ideas and innovation companies throughout the process, from development of idea, through investment and to commercialization of final product. The MTI system has tools that can provide new technology with high potential strength during the commercialization phase. Learn more about our services here

Our Values

Integrity – We have respect for our partners. We do what we say we willdo.

Available – We are interested in others. We ar open to dialogue and are easy to communicate with.

Relationship Builder – We try our best to find the best solutions for our collaborators and others we are in dialogue with. We are going to be a bridge builder between companies, and contribute to our network to create good results.

Passionate – We have commited employees and managers. We will share our expertise so that our partners succeed.

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The company is located in Vestfold, Norway, an area often referred to as “Electronic Coast”, due to all the electronics companies located here. 

Follow this link to visit Electronic Coast’s website

MTI is a focal point of national innovation in micro and nanotechnology. The innovation environment consists of advisors, startup companies and various services, joint activities and a unique access to national and international networks within micro and nanotechnology.

The cluster Norwegian Centers of Expertise Micro- and Nanotechnology is facilitated at MTI, and MTI hosts the Electronic Coast industrial association.
Follow this link to visit NCE MNT’s website