Microtech Innovation is made up of several subsidiary companies. The companies constitute a system that helps start-up companies from idea to commercialization.


  • Silicia – This is the first step in the development of an idea, to get a product on the market. In Silicia, you get help with your idea through the close follow-up of  a business developer. The idea finds its shape, its market and income model.


  • Verify – When the process in Silicia has been reviewed, the idea will be further developed in Verify. At Verify you will have access to specific technical competence. If there is need for a prototype, this will be developed in the innovation lab at Verify.


  • MTI Startup – When your idea is through the first two phases and evaluated to be sustainable with a growth potential, the company will be built for growth through MTI Startup. Here you will be attached to the expertise for the necessary actions and get opportunities for financing.


  • MTI Techinvest – Under development. More information will be available soon.